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These are our indexed death records for England and Wales. The deaths were first recorded in July 1837 and this index ranges from that date up to 2006. They have been indexed which means it is easy to search for the death of your relative by simply entering their name and the year of their death. You can search up to ten years either side of that year and you can narrow it down by place too. Try entering either the town or the county where your relative was living at the time of their death.

The index has divided the year in to four quarters – January to March, April to June, July to September and October to December. The record you see is the quarter that the death was registered in, not when it actually occurred.

After 1984 deaths were record individually so no index image is available.

We have found the author Charles Dickens in our death records. He died at home in Kent in 1870 aged 58.