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Top tip - search all photos and media

Search all photos and media

  • You can search all the photos and media added by other members. In the 'show' box you can narrow down your search and only view certain types of images.
  • If you see a blurred image it is because someone has kept that item private. Why not send them a message and ask them to show it to you.
  • When you search the photos and media we are searching the titles of the image that has been added. Make sure you add a title to your own photos so they are easy to search. Try and include a name, place and event in the title.
  • Click here for more help.

Search Photos and Media

Enter the words you'd like to search for in the 'search box'. You can choose to search for all of those terms or any of them.

You can search everything, or you can change your criteria by altering the Show and Privacy settings. 


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