1861 England, Wales & Scotland Census

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Information about 1861 England, Wales & Scotland Census

The 1861 England, Wales & Scotland Census was taken on the night of 7 April 1861 and gave the total population as 23,085,579.
Having trouble finding a man aged 14-18 years or older in the 1861 England, Wales & Scotland Census? He could have been in the army and you may find him in the 1861 Worldwide Army Index. The Index is extensive and lists nearly a quarter of a million men, the majority of these serving overseas.
In London the first horse drawn trams began appearing on the streets. It is also the year the book Mrs Beeton's Household Management was published as a guide to running a Victorian household. It gave advice on childcare, managing servants and also contained over 900 recipes. You can see Isabella Beeton living with her husband Samuel, a publisher, in Hatch End in 1861.