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Search for relative but met with blank page

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Lindsey Report 7 Feb 2012 12:58


I've given up on the new tree - again - for the time being. I know I've added a number of people this morning but if I use the search box on the horizontal bar and click on full tree, my screen is blank and all the relatives disappear. If I click on immediate family, they appear.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for reading & helping.


JerryH Report 7 Feb 2012 13:19

I too have given up on the New Tree.

The problems I have previously reported have not been fixed.

In fact the only alteration I see is that the new tree is now the default rather than an option.

Seems to me that we are being ignored yet again and that Genes are intent on pushing through changes regardless of the consequences.

What is the point of us sending feedback???????

I am not at all happy.



Lindsey Report 7 Feb 2012 13:27


On the new tree, I add a new relative but somehow manage to add it more than once (I find this out when I try and attach a census to said relative and I get more than one option). I also add a partner, but when I try to add details like marriage, there isn't the option to do so (only after perseverance and flicking between partners, lifeline, details etc. do eventually find the box) ... and, why is the print so small? I have to sit here with reading glasses on.

I'm not against change, but I've been having problems with the site for a good couple of months now and getting more and more frustrated with it.

Under the "help" section, I've posted a question asking for a personal reply when I've had too many problems to list. It asks for a 'phone number. I asked someone to ring me but 24 hours later when someone responded I was told that they're all home workers and can't ring. Why ask for a 'phone number then?

It's really not good enough.



JerryH Report 8 Feb 2012 12:38


What you describe re the new tree has been my experience too.
That was using Firefox. It is even worse for me with IE8 as the details pane freezes open.
I am really wondering whether Genes are actually receiving the feedback submitted from the new tree link as nothing seems to be getting done to fix the problems. It takes so much longer to put a new person on the tree if you want to add additional details such a a marriage or place of birth as you always have to delete the additional entries

I do not like the font size or the italic style either. It is too small and difficult to read in the details pane.
Also I do NOT use the dd/mm/yyyy date format. All my tree uses the dd mmm yyyy format eg 24 MAR 1777 - or if before 1752, then 24 MAR 1734/35. I mainly have just baptisms before 1752 but occasionally I have a birth which gets clipped to something incomprehensible.

Tree Search does not work with IE8 and I also noted someone reported it did not work with IE 9 either.

There is no longer any point in adding a profile photo as that gets so well hidden away in the gallery

I am really dissppointed that Genes have not used the additional time they were given since they temorarily reinstated the old tree to get to grips with the problems we have been reporting.

What is the point of reporting problems if Genes are just going to push ahead gung ho?

I have also noticed that whereas a year or so ago, any messages I sent to family members were almost always answered. Now, I am lucky to get one reply in six. This suggests to me that either I am just unlucky or that people are voting with their feet and giving up Genes. I can't say I blame them, but it does not alter the fact that Genes is no longer functioning for me in the same way it did when I first joined.



Lindsey Report 8 Feb 2012 14:10

Hi Jeremy, always good to know one's not alone!

So, I sent my email off and got a reply. Did it answer my problem? No, of course not - the problem with the blank green screen was totally ignored so I've had to respond to the email and will have to wait until another day for a reply. However, they did say that the issue with adding marriage details is known and they're working on it. Shall we make a date for same time next year to see whether the issue's been fixed? OK, I'm being flippant ...

I also agree with sadness that if you add a photo, it's now hidden in the new tree and you have to physically click on the gallery to find the photo rather than having it greeting you when you click on your relative.

I use Chrome for my tree work despite being a Mac user and liking Safari as GR have requested that I do this. Why GR?

Finally, I read a post a week or two back that Mac users no longer receive hot matches. Someone from GR stated that they thought this unlikely to be the case (i.e. Mac users only). For the record, I've not received a hot match for a number of months - probably since I bought my MacBook!

Wake up GR ...



Kense Report 8 Feb 2012 14:34

Last week the search facility wasn't working for me on the new tree, but I have checked iot this afternoon and it works perfectly now.

As for Hot Matches I haven't had any for months and that is using a PC and IE9 so nothing to do with Mac.


Lindsey Report 8 Feb 2012 14:48

I can use immediate family but if I want to look at the overall picture, it just goes blank - on the old tree. On the new, you can't add marriage details and I seem to be duplicating new people so I've stopped using it. :-(


JerryH Report 8 Feb 2012 15:51


Just tried the Search Tree again using my Windows XP and IE 8
and it is still failing. So, as usual, a partial fix?
Actually it seems worse as after the trial, Explorer then reported a fault and closed down on me.

As a workaround, you could try, using the Add More Details button or the Edit Icon and Edit More Detailr button ather than using the Right Hand Tab to open the Details Pane.
I had more success that way.
I agree with Ken regarding the Hot Matches. I think they are only being generated for New members.

Now if GR wanted to do something clever .....(heaven forbid)
Then how about a pop up Photo when one hovers the curser over a person's name on the chart? Now that might get my support. :-D ;-)



Lindsey Report 9 Feb 2012 14:00

Jeremy, thanks for your suggestion. I'd tried it before and it hadn't helped.

I've now waited almost another 24 hours and received another inadequate response from GR ...

This latest frustration started just over 48 hours ago and I've got no further. I've received two emails from support staff, one yesterday and one within the last hour and they don't seem to understand what a blank page is.

Their only help is to tell me to use Chrome (which I do).

Why isn't there an emoticon for throwing up your hands in despair .....:


EdenHart Report 9 Feb 2012 19:36

I find that when i open my tree with Chrome the tree is there but when I open the details box it is all blank. I can only get it working using IE8, and then it freezes when trying to save.

I have the same problem trying to enter marriage details, you have to flick between the two partners and eventually the marriage details boxes appear. Very frustrating. I've sent an email to Genes about it but not had a reply.

Hot matches - what hot matches - not had any for a very long time!



Lindsey Report 10 Feb 2012 08:53

Thanks Angela.

I received yet another email yesterday from the "support team" telling me to use Chrome and they very helpfully gave me a link to it.

Had they read my previous emails they would know that I use Chrome already and that the problems I'm having aren't related to an issue that Genes may have with Safari.

Why won't they listen? Why won't they pick up a 'phone to us (you can ring other sites and speak one to one)? Why? Why? Why?


JerryH Report 10 Feb 2012 17:58

I put a suggestion on this board a month ago for a new emoticon to depict frustration.
ie a smilie bashing it's head against a brick wall

Have a feeling that it might get rather a lot of use :-D :-D

I tried to edit an "Unknown" Spouse on my tree earlier today as I have now found the Marriage, using the new tree.......

Surname corrected. Saved change. All seemed ok

Went back into "Details" to add the Marraige. No space for Marriage.
Tried also via Edit, Edit More Details ..... No space for Marriage.

Went to her partner's details. There, I WAS able to enter the Marriage.
Saved the change.

Then looked again at the Spouse's entry. This time the Marriage Spaces appeared but were blank. Re-entered the Marriage details and saved..

This all using Firefox. I would not even dare to try using IE8

Hey Ho!

Jeremy :-) :-)


Lindsey Report 10 Feb 2012 18:05

And I've got a new one today on the new tree. Click on relative and "immediate family" and his two wifes come up. Click on same relative and "full family", the second wife and children disappear! Not only that, but if I want to look at or add details, the new page comes up with most of it blank. There's a little column on the left with name, gender, year of birth and the beginning of place of birth and date of marriage - that's all, everything else is blank.

The non support team, oops, sorry, the support team tell me to press control and F5 and it should clear the cashe and work. It doesn't.

I'll go back to my novel ...


JerryH Report 10 Feb 2012 18:22

Oh Crumbs!

Don't get me started on the Full Tree, Ancestors or Descendats views!!

For me, they do not work properly on the old tree eaither!

I have several "Circular" relationships that I have editd in via a GEDCOM.
For example, First Cousins marry.
They work fine in Immediate view but any other view produces "interesting" results :-D :-D



SylviaInCanada Report 10 Feb 2012 19:38

I'm having the same runaround with GR staff re problems opening My Threads .......... this is the 5th day, and I have had a reply from a different person each day.

Having told them 2 days ago that I use Mozilla Firefox, I was told today that the staffer couldn't replicate my problem using IE8 or Chrome :-S :-S

I've just posted on another thread that I wanted that smilie bashing its head against a wall in frustration!

great minds think alike, Jeremy!

it is much needed


JerryH Report 11 Feb 2012 00:22

Thanks Sylvia

Another sorry tale but good luck with the Threads Issue. Site seems a bit slower so could be timing out.

Jeremy :-)


Persephone Report 11 Feb 2012 03:51

Regarding the tree Lindsey... I had decided long ago not to add anyone else but as this was a historical find that I have elsewhere decided to add a partner to someone..
I added her, then went to the edit section to put the new details and saved that... I did this three times and the places where born died etc did not show... however when I went to the arrow over on the right hand side of the screen all her particulars showed up... The same with marriage.. I had to add it by bringing up the detail screen by clicking on the right arrow... it does not come up in the edit facility.

It was trial and error to see if I could navigate and it seems that it does work by using that right arrow.. everything is there.

Also I have found mine easier to read not harder .. the print is so big that people with long names get them shortened on the overall picture of the tree.

And I can get the full family tree picture and can move around it by using that little grabby hand which is on lots of pdf docs and images etc.

:-) Oh and the search facility did work as well on mine and others..


Persephone Report 11 Feb 2012 03:59

Jeremy... First cousins is a nightmare... I have a very incestuous tree and gave up trying to progress with it as such on GR...

My grandparents are first cousins .. so his mother is in a family on her own as I don't want to double the names up.

On the other side my grandfather's brother married my grandmother's sister once again the brother and family sit out on a limb.

I did do the gedcom thing from elsewhere but with them and others especially in one family where one married her uncle (no name change) another's second husband is the first husband's brother and so on.... when it came back via gedcom it was like a plumber's nightmare. :-S


Lindsey Report 11 Feb 2012 13:14

Persephone, regarding your first paragraph in your first post. It's when I click on the arrow on the right hand side of the tree (pointing to the left and half way down) that the details bit opens, but I only have a quarter page column on the left hand side of that details page. All the other stuff on the right, i.e. three quarters of the page is blank. If I try it the other way, and press edit on the person, then add more details, the same page comes up with again, with the same problem so only a narrow column on the left. I was looking for a bar so that I could click on the line and drag it in the same way as you would if you were on a table, to extend the width of the page but it doesn't work. Even with almost 4,000 relatives and multiple attachments to each, I'm thinking about starting again on another site. It's so ridiculous ...


JerryH Report 11 Feb 2012 17:49


Yep I have some great circular relationships on mine! I only mentioned first cousins as a simple example but I too have some rather more complicated ones. eg Widowed husband marries his late wife's sister. Grandson marries Niece 2nd Cousins marry . All of these would test a good programme :-D :-D

I think I have 8 or 9 altogether and if I can establish a link at Blackawton nr Dartmouth around 1740, then I have two more ready to add :-)


I am sure the problems will get sorted in time. It must be quite a nightmare to try and solve all problems for all browsers and operating systems and I was surprised to see that Phil had altered the Announcement re the new tree to indicate that it was nearly ready to roll out to more people.
I feel this was a step too soon. Genes should sort out the known problems before trying to move on.
If you are really intent on moving your tree to another site then you could always export your tree as a Gedcom rather than starting afresh.
But first I would make sure that any attachments you have are saved to your PC
I always keep a backup of everything on both the PC and memory stick.
But then I have been caught before..... I still have a memory of an IT specialist trying to repair my version of Windows and accidentally reformatting my Hard Disk :-D :-D :-D